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DigitalPersona is the leading provider of fingerprint biometric solutions for integrated point-of-service terminal systems. Fingerprint biometrics enable restaurants and retailers to immediately save money by eliminating payroll fraud from buddy-punching and employee lollygagging, reducing cash register shrink opportunities and preventing fictitious product returns and voids. In addition, biometrics enables restaurants and retailers to control access to POS terminals while enforcing employee responsibility and accuracy.

The U.are.U UPOS products are plug-and-play compatible with industry standard UPOS (Unified Point of Service) terminals and applications.

"Unified Point of Service" Standard

The Unified Point of Service standard, also called UPOS, is a standard that is managed by the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS). This is a group of point-of-sale retailers, terminal vendors, peripherals and application developers.

The intent of the UPOS standard is to achieve several goals:

   • Plug and play interaction between POS terminal peripherals and applications.

   • Enable retailer freedom of choice in the selection of standard implementations.

   • Reduce application development complexity through standards.

The UPOS standard supports three different operating environments including:

   • Windows OLE Operating system environments designated OPOS

   •  Java environments designated JavaPOS.
   •  .NET environments designated .NET POS.

Benefits for the POS Industry

Eliminate Buddy Punching, Lollygagging and Payroll Fraud
Buddy punching, the practice of an employee clocking in for another, increases payroll significantly.  Lollygagging, the effect of lingering for several minutes between punching in and being active at the register, creates additional productivity losses. Deploying fingerprint authentication at the POS terminal eliminates buddy punching and lollygagging thus reducing payroll and ensuring that employees are paid when they are at their POS terminal.

Reduce Cash Register Shrink
Cashier-caused shrink is a problem for all retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. Manager keys, passwords or swipe cards can be stolen or shared resulting in fictitious refunds or voided sales. By requiring fingerprint access to POS terminal login and managerial functions, DigitalPersona authentication solutions ensure that only authorized refunds or voids are processed. Fingerprints provide an identifier unique to each user resulting in non-repudiable audit trails making employees responsible for their cash and credit transactions.

Replace Keys, Cards and Passwords
Register keys, swipe cards and passwords can be shared, lost or stolen. Replacing these with fingerprint authentication ensures that only authorized users can gain access to restaurant and retail networks and applications.

Proven Technology

DigitalPersona is the trusted leader in biometrics with the worlds greatest number of biometric developers and the largest set of enrolled biometric users. DigitalPersona Software Development Kits and proven fingerprint authentication technology can be found in many restaurant, retail and custom applications around the world. These restaurants and retailers are using DigitalPersona solutions to improve overall profitability.

System Requirements for "U.are.U UPOS for OPOS"

Operating System: Microsoft Windows
   ° XP Professional
   ° XP Embedded

   ° Windows Embedded for Point of Service
• Hardware: Pentium-class processor (or better), USB Port

System Requirements for "U.are.U UPOS for JavaPOS"

Operating System: Linux 2.6 Kernel
   ° Novell SUSE NLPOS v9 SP2/3
   ° Novell SUSE SLED 10

   ° Slackware 11
• Hardware: Pentium-class processor (or better), USB Port
• Software: Java Runtime Environment - JRE
   ° JDK1.5.0_12

Fingerprint Readers

U.are.U 4500 Reader
U.are.U 4500 Module

Fingerprint Recognition Engine

The DigitalPersona® Fingerprint Recognition Engine is built into the U.are.U UPOS product software and provides the functionalities of fingerprint feature extraction, enrollment and matching. The DigitalPersona Engine combined with DigitalPersona U.are.U Fingerprint Readers, offers the industrys most accurate fingerprint recognition, lowest false acceptance and false rejection rates (FAR/FRR) coupled with fast execution time.

Security and Privacy

DigitalPersona has given much consideration to security and user privacy issues. Fingerprint data is encrypted everywhere along the data path offering protection from tampering and maintaining users privacy.


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