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Biometric identity verification for large-scale high-security applications

The Face Verification SDK is designed for integration of facial authentication into enterprise and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs.

The simple API of the library component helps to implement solutions like payment, e-services and all other apps that need enhanced security through biometric face recognition, while keeping their overall size small for easy deployment to millions of users.

Different liveness detection functionalities are included to implement anti-spoofing mechanism with the possibility of configuring the balance between security and usability of the application.

Technology and SDK

Features and Capabilities
The Face Verification SDK is intended for developing applications which perform end-user identity verification in mass scale systems like. Read More

Technical Information and Specifications
The Face Verification SDK provides certain capabilities for facial recognition applications, including high-level API for all operations and face liveness check. There are also certain requirements for facial image and posture. Read More

System Requirements
There are specific requirements for each platform which will run applications based on the Face Verification SDK. Note that VeriLook-based applications have different system requirements.
Click on specific platform to view the corresponding requirements.
Read More

Reliability Tests
The Face Verification SDK is based on the VeriLook face recognition technology. We present the testing results to show the VeriLook 10.0 algorithm reliability evaluations with the following public datasets.
Read More

Licensing and Pricing

Licensing Model
An integrator should obtain one of these SDKs to develop a end-user product based on the Face Verification SDK.
Read More

The Face Verification component licenses are available only for the customers of VeriLook SDK or MegaMatcher SDK.
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Related Products
° VeriLook SDK – for developing systems that perform facial identification. The Face Verification SDK is based on the VeriLook SDK technology and is a part of the VeriLook SDK. VeriLook SDK supports the same platforms as the Face Verification SDK.
MegaMatcher SDK – for development of multi-biometric face, fingerprint, iris, voice and palm print identification products.
MegaMatcher On Card SDK – a product for face, fingerprint and iris matching on smart cards.
Free Fingerprint Verification SDK – a freeware SDK intended for adding fingerprint verification functionality into various applications.


Brochure (PDF)
Demo app for Android
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