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VeriSpeak voice identification technology is designed for biometric system developers and integrators. The text-dependent speaker recognition algorithm assures system security by checking both voice and phrase authenticity. Voiceprint templates can be matched in 1-to-1 (verification) and 1-to-many (identification) modes.

Available as a software development kit that enables the development of stand-alone and Web-based speaker recognition applications on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

Technology and SDK

Features and Capabilities
The VeriSpeak algorithm implements voice enrollment and voiceprint matching using proprietary sound processing technologies. Read More

SDK Contents
VeriSpeak SDK is based on VeriSpeak voice recognition technology and is designed for biometric systems developers and integrators. The SDK allows rapid development of biometric applications using functions from the VeriSpeak algorithm. VeriSpeak can be easily integrated into the customer's security system. The integrator has complete control over SDK data input and output. Read More

Voice components
VeriSpeak SDK includes the following biometric components for voice samples capture, voiceprint template extraction and matching. Read More

Basic recommendations for speaker recognition
The speaker recognition accuracy of VeriSpeak depends on the audio quality during enrollment and identification. Certain constraints should be noted before or during algorithm integration into a speaker recognition system. Other variables may be overcome by enrollment with the same phrase in different environments. Read More

System requirements
There are specific requirements for each platform which will run VeriSpeak-based applications.
Click on specific platform to view the corresponding requirements. Read More

Technical specifications
A minimum 11025 Hz sampling rate, with at least 16-bit depth, should be used during voice recording. Voice samples of at least 2 seconds in length are recommended to assure recognition quality. Longer voice samples will further improve recognition. Read More

Reliability tests
The VeriSpeak 9.0 algorithm has been tested with voice samples taken from the XM2VTS Database, as well as with voice samples from Neurotechnology's internal database. These voice template matching experiments were performed with the VeriSpeak 9.0 text-dependent engine. Read More

Licensing and Pricing

Licensing model
The following licensing model is intended for end-user product developers. Integrators who want to develop and sell a VeriSpeak-based development tool (with API, programming possibilities, programming samples, etc.), must obtain permission from Neurotechnology and sign a special VAR agreement. Read More

Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time. Read More

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Brochure (PDF)

Demo App for Android

30-Day SDK Trial


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